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Franchising is one of the greatest inventions of our time. 

It allows you to get into business quickly without wasting a lot of valuable time. You do not have to re-invent the wheel.

Franchising offers a “business in a box” which comes with a proven brand, training, instructions, marketing, proprietary software and support at every level that is focused on making you successful. Sure you can create your own business but it takes time and money and years of trial and error to get it right. 

Also as a franchise, you are more favorable when it comes to bank loans and terms than if you were a struggling entrepreneur.

Think about the value of your time and what you want to accomplish. Let’s discover whether franchising can help you achieve your objectives sooner rather than later.




My name is Laura McCormack, and I am a franchise consultant. People call me a possibilitarian as  I work with my clients to help them realize their ideal career path, whether that is to find a job working for someone else or to launch into the world of entrepreneurship. If through our work together, you find that being your own boss is your calling, I’ll help you identify the perfect opportunity that matches your goals and aptitude. One of the best benefits of working with me is that my services are complimentary. That’s right: You don’t pay me anything to help you. I am in the pay-it-forward business and create a safe environment in which to explore a variety of options. You gain access to my years of expertise as an entrepreneur and guidance on how to find success running your own business. Through our work together, you will inevitably learn a lot about yourself. I encourage you to take that next step. You may find a whole new world awaits.


How it works

Schedule your session

First, click on the get started button to schedule your complimentary career-coaching session. During our first session, you’ll learn more about your aptitude and passions.

Explore career options

Next, we’ll explore career options and discuss the career path that is right for you. I’ll guide you through the next steps, whether that is continuing in the traditional job market or owning your own business.

Dream Opportunity

If entrepreneurship is your calling, we will identify a variety of options that are right for you. I’ll then help you narrow down that list until you have chosen your dream opportunity.

Your Cost

All of our work together is free to you, and you are under no obligation to buy anything—ever. All I ask is that you remain open during our conversations and work together. Being coachable is a skill, and if you can embrace my feedback and this process, you may find yourself headed in a direction you never considered before.


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Laura McCormack


To learn about me, you have to know that, at my core, I am passionate about helping others. I love being able to help my clients identify their personal strengths and passions as they progress through their career journeys. And I look forward to helping you as well. As a successful entrepreneur myself, I know firsthand the excitement that comes with owning your own company. I have experienced the challenges and opportunities, as well as all of the rewards associated with business ownership. I have been involved in three franchises myself, and I have been where you are in the career transition process. Let’s create a relationship that puts your career journey at the center of it. I look forward to working with you. No matter where you are in your journey—I can help.

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